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How to Play Speed Online Bingo

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In the UK, speed bingo is a great alternative for players looking to try something other than 90 ball or 75 ball. Speed bingo can also be known as 30 ball bingo and this game can be found more and more often on plenty of online bingo websites and platforms. The game is popular because it offers a faster game and suits players who don’t have as much time to play online bingo. However, a lot of our readers will not have played this game before so we thought we would write a small guide on the speed bingo game.

30 Ball Speed Online Bingo

The game offers a fast and furious experience and typically, speed bingo games only take a couple of minutes. Players enjoy them as the turnover is pretty high and you can still win big cash prizes playing this online bingo variant. The probability of winning with 30 ball online bingo is much higher than with other variants too and this is another factor in making the game quite a popular choice for players who are perhaps looking for something a little different so how exactly do you play the game?

With 30 ball online bingo, the basic setup is a 3X3 card so there are 9 squares in total each of which can be numbered randomly from 1-30. In order to win the game, you must mark of all of the online bingo numbers on the card. In some cases, there are no lines or winning combinations. However, in other versions of the game the player can pick up 1 line and 2 line wins. To achieve this when you play speed online bingo, combinations can be formed horizontally but never vertically to win yourself a cash prize.

Finding 30 Ball Speed Online Bingo

The game is very much still in a state of online growth. What this means is that many sites are still to add it to their list of bingo options. With online bingo, you generally get to play 90 ball and 75 ball but in our opinion, a good 30% of sites now have the 30 ball speed online bingo variant now available to play. Indeed, some sites will have their own speciality speed variants and these might have different names. Look out for “5 line bingo” as this is generally considered to be another name for speed bingo too.

Some sites will even offer specific promotions for the speed bingo game. There might be tournament games or boosted jackpots to encourage new players to try it out for the first time. Looking out for these offers is a good way to introduce yourself to speed bingo for the first time. Our advice would be to check your current site to see if the game is offered and if not then perhaps it could be time to make the switch to a new online bingo site. Then you can begin to enjoy the game and hopefully win!

How to play?

There are plenty of reasons to enjoy the game of speed online bingo. These games offer super-fast gameplay and could even net you some big cash prizes. We really had fun playing the game and you can too. All you have to do is check your existing site and begin playing speed bingo. Remember that speed bingo can have different names such as 30 ball or 5 line. The game is played on a 3X3 card and typically, only takes a couple of minutes for one game to play out so it will suit players who don’t have much time to play the game.