2 Aurora women arrested at Las Vegas airport for resisting arrest, beating baggage clerk


LAS VEGAS (KDVR) – The Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department has arrested two Aurora women after witnesses said they attacked a Spirit luggage employee.

According to arrest reports, the incident happened at Harry Reid International Airport on January 6.

A Delta employee reported to an LVMPD agent that two women had just hit a Spirit employee in the baggage office.

The women have been identified as Adreonna Adair, 26, and Destiny James, 29.

According to the arrest report, the LVMPD attempted to contact the women and investigate the report, but the women told him he had “no right to stop or touch them” . The report says the officer told the women he needed them to stand nearby while he investigated the report at the baggage office, and he said they refused to comply.

At this point, the officer said he told the women he wouldn’t touch them if they sat at the baggage carousel while he finished his investigation. The women refused to comply, according to the officer, and that’s when he tried to grab their arms. He said he repeatedly asked them to stop and that they were not allowed to leave, but they refused, according to the arrest report.

The officer called for reinforcements and the women were eventually arrested.

During the investigation, police learned that the baggage clerk had lacerations in her eye and her glasses were broken. She was taken to hospital, according to the arrest report.

Adair and James were arrested for public conduct and resisting a public officer. They are due in court on March 3.


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