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By KEN RITTER, Associated Press

LAS VEGAS (AP) – Warring factions of the Las Vegas-area Republican Party have come out of separate meetings with rosters of officers, but the Nevada GOP leader said on Wednesday that a single group would be seated during the ‘a statewide leadership meeting next month.

The Clark County Republican Central Committee led by Jesse Law will be recognized at the Oct. 16 meeting in Winnemucca, said Michael McDonald, leader of the state’s Republican Party. Law is a former contributor to the state’s GOP and former President Donald Trump’s campaign in Nevada.

“The State Party will secure Jesse’s list, and we will move forward,” McDonald said. “It’s sad that it turned out like this.”

Law and McDonald pointed to a court order made earlier today that dismissed a lawsuit by other party members claiming they were the legitimate leaders. Judge Susan Johnson in Las Vegas ruled that decisions on “matters of internal party management” would be left to party members, not the courts.

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Law’s group is recognized by both the Republican National Committee and the state party, Law and McDonald said.

Law admitted that party members associated with extremist Proud Boys were among the 500 people present at his meeting. He called the crowd a “sea of ​​diverse people.”

The Proud Boys are an all-male group with a history of violent clashes with leftist protesters. Trump cited the group during an October 2020 presidential campaign debate, and several Proud Boys have been charged with conspiracy and other crimes related to the Jan.6 insurgency on the U.S. Capitol.

Law predicted the eventual disbandment of the other GOP group, which drew around 100 people Tuesday to a virtual meeting that elected State Senator Carrie Buck as chair.

Ed Gonzalez, spokesperson for this group, did not immediately respond to phone messages, texts and emails on Wednesday. The meeting was chaired by former Republican State Assembly member Stephen Silberkraus.

“The Clark County Republican Party is at a crossroads,” Buck said in a statement reported by the Las Vegas Review-Journal.

Buck said she would focus on goals, accountability and making the County GOP “the most successful political organization in the state.”

Prior to being elected, Buck spoke to party members about what she called the “insurgency” of Law’s group.

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