47-year-old Las Vegas man dies weeks after being injured in suspected impaired crash


LAS VEGAS (KLAS) – A 47-year-old man died nearly a month after being hit by a driver who was accused of leaving the scene and hitting three other cars, according to the Las Metropolitan Police Department. Vegas.

The man was not identified Friday, but police said he was struck and taken to hospital with life-threatening injuries Aug. 9 at the intersection of Washington Avenue and Main Street.

The man died at UMC on Saturday, September 3, according to a police statement.

Officers then arrested Luis Burciaga-Nunez, 29, of California on August 9.

According to an arrest report, he hit the man with the front of his car as the man pushed a grocery cart into the right-turn-only lane and was rolled up on the car’s hood after to have been hit.

Burciaga-Nunez didn’t stop after the crash and continued driving before hitting a median near the intersection of Washington and Rancho Drive. He continued driving down Washington until he approached the intersection with Decatur Boulevard, where three separate vehicles were stopped at a light, the report said.

Burciaga-Nunez then slammed into a car in the right-turn lane before reversing and hitting the front of another car. It then rolled forward again and hit a third car from behind before driving off, according to the report.

One person was taken to hospital with injuries after the accident.

Burciaga-Nunez faces multiple charges including reckless driving, impaired driving, failure to stop at the scene of an accident and disobeying officers.

The unidentified man’s death marks the 97th traffic-related fatality in the LVMPD’s jurisdiction for the year.


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