Airmen ask fans for a possible move from A to Las Vegas



LAS VEGAS (KLAS) – The Las Vegas Aviators are asking their fans to comment on a possible relocation of their parent team, the Oakland A’s, to the Las Vegas Valley.

In an email sent early Monday afternoon, the Aviators told fans they were working with a third-party company to conduct market research to determine the demand for a Major League Baseball and League team. a new stadium in Las Vegas.

Las Vegas MLB Poll Invitation
Oakland A’s would love to hear from you!

Las Vegas aviators fans were invited to participate in a survey to understand your interest in supporting the As as the team plans to move to Las Vegas and develop a new stadium.
As part of the planning process, A’s hired a third-party company to conduct market research to determine demand for MLB and a new stadium in Las Vegas.
Your participation in this survey is very important to A’s and will help inform decisions about the future of the team. The survey will assess your thoughts and opinions regarding the team, their potential relocation, interest in attending games, and preferred stadium design elements. Please note that no decisions have been made regarding the potential relocation of the As or the construction of a new baseball stadium in Las Vegas.
We hope you will take 10 minutes to complete the survey! Please click on the link below to access the survey.

The survey can be viewed and completed at this link. However, it appears that the response is overwhelming the server receiving the responses.

Some participants receive this message: “Unfortunately, we are receiving an unusually high volume of responses. “



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