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He was back in Las Vegas, back at the amenity-packed minor league ballpark in Summerlin for rehab.

Former Las Vegas Aviators outfielder Skye Bolt was back in Vegas.

And one adoring fan, Kathy Stenberg, a subscriber for 23 years, adores the player and his name.

“How unique is it? Stenberg talked about a guy named Bolt with a middle name of Skye. “You have the sky and the lightning. He is fast. It is good. And he’s a darling.

Major League Baseball’s history is dotted with rich names – both given at birth and given by other players later in life.

Skye Michael Bolt was born on January 15, 1994 in Atlanta, so he had the cool name right off the bat.

“He has to be one of the best names in baseball,” said Drew Farr, a Las Vegas resident and four-year season ticket holder who starred as Cosmo the mascot when the Aviators were the 51st playing in the game. downtown Cashman Field. “It’s very unique. I don’t think it’s a nickname.

It’s not.

Bolt, 28, first reached the big leagues at Oakland in 2019 before brief stints with both Bay Area teams in 2021 with the Giants and San Francisco Athletics.

He’s going to have to step up if Bolt wants to be known for more than a pretty name. Bolt has 71 plate appearances in the majors with one home run and a .090 batting average.

For the record, Bolt played center field Friday and had two hits, two walks, two runs scored and even an RBI.

Final score: Aviators 5 Salt Lake 2. The team said attendance was 10,051 for Friday’s game.

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