As more EV drivers hit the road, the largest Tesla charging station in the US is set to open between Los Angeles and Las Vegas


LAS VEGAS, Nev. (FOX5) — Memorial Day weekend is the unofficial start of the summer travel season, and AAA reports this year that nearly 35 million Americans hit the road despite record gas prices. .

High gasoline prices are prompting many drivers to consider switching to electric vehicles. Some drivers said range anxiety, the fear of having enough charge for a long-distance trip, has been a barrier to entering the electric vehicle market.

Soon, the largest Tesla charging station in the United States will open halfway between Las Vegas and Los Angeles.

“Tesla charging units, 100 units projected, largest charging station in the United States,” Barstow Mayor Dr. Paul Anthony Courtney said.

At the small desert town’s last city council meeting, the mayor shared plans for the massive Tesla charging station right next to the Barstow Outlet Mall, just off Interstate 15.

“We have a commitment from Edison to have enough power for phase one to open the first stage of Tesla charging stations,” Dr Courtney said.

“This is great news for me. I travel once or twice a month from Los Angeles to Vegas to visit my kids, so for me this is a perfect, perfect fit,” said the Tesla driver, Carlos Silva, while waiting for his car to recharge in Primm Valley.

Shannon Sivack is a new electric vehicle owner and said the charging station is a good stopping point between Las Vegas and California.

“My wife and I and my friends and I go out to Vegas several times a year. I’m a new owner, this is my first road trip to see where I need to stop, so that would be a good point of reference. stop,” said Sivack, who was standing next to his new Tesla. reports this Memorial Day weekend, 11% of people taking a trip did so in an electric vehicle.

“A lot of my friends said, ‘I’m not going to go out and travel because of the money it costs to drive, but when you drive an electric vehicle, yes you still pay money, but $25, I pay any day,” said Mathieu Grisby, Tesla owner and Las Vegas investor.

Grisby said that as more people buy electricity and the need for more charging stations grows, having the nation’s largest charging station on its regular route is good news.

“It’s important to me because I don’t have to wait,” Grisby said.

According to the survey, 47% of electric vehicle owners make three to five road trips a year. More than three-quarters of EV drivers surveyed plan charging station stops before setting off on a trip.


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