Beginners need several days to get the most out of Las Vegas


Las Vegas is one of the most touristic cities in the United States and around the world. It is undoubtedly the most famous Sin City in the world with every form of adult (and also family) attraction one could think of. It is the largest city to emerge from the mighty Mojave Desert with an economy based on tourism and vice. It is one of the most renowned resort towns in the world with a name almost synonymous with gambling.

So if one wants to explore Las Vegas, how long does it take? This answer is complicated by what visitors would like to see and do there. For beginners, a long weekend is often enough to get familiar with Vegas. If you’re traveling on a budget, plan ahead. There are cheaper times to visit Las Vegas and a number of ways to save money while you’re there.

What to Know About Las Vegas – The Sin City of the World

Vegas is famous for its gambling, shipping, entertainment, restaurants, and nightlife that says “what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas.” Vegas can be experienced in different ways and not everyone is drawn to gambling.

  • Last name: Spanish for “The Prairies”
  • Famous: As America’s Sin City

Vegas is marketed as the entertainment capital of the world and is home to many of the biggest casinos in the world (though not the biggest – the biggest casino in the US is surprisingly in Oklahoma).

Vegas has only a relatively modern and brief history having only been settled since 1905 and incorporated since 1911.

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How Long Should Newbies Spend in Las Vegas

To get an idea of ​​the American Sin City, you need to spend at least three days in Vegas (and two nights). This only allows for a taste of Sin City, but has plenty of time to both stay at the major hotel-casinos (like Caesars’ Palace), dine at a few restaurants on the Strip, catch a show, or two and play game. and go shopping.

  • Minimum time for beginners: Three days and two nights in Vegas
  • Long week: Enough for beginners
  • Five days: Enough time to see and do a wide variety of Vegas attractions
  • Vegas must-sees: Stay in a casino, walk the strip, go to a show, gamble (optional)

You’ll be able to see the flashing neon lights and whet your appetite to come back for more (or enough to decide Vegas isn’t really your cup of tea after all). Of course, it is also possible to spend only one night there, but a long weekend is infinitely better to better understand the city.

At a minimum, you should have time to walk the Strip, see a casino, and catch a show. It is possible to do all this in one night, but two nights is much better.

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No upper time limit in Las Vegas

Las Vegas is more than the Strip and gambling. There are plenty of day trips from Las Vegas to the Hoover Dam, Lake Mead, the Grand Canyon, the Mojave Desert, and even former nuclear test sites. So you can spend a lot of time in Las Vegas – exploring the surroundings by day and the Strip by night.

  • Point: There are many day trips from Las Vegas
  • Shows in Vegas: Spend more time in Vegas to see more famous shows

There really isn’t a maximum number of days to spend in Vegas. One of the great things about Las Vegas is that it doesn’t have to be expensive, although it can also be as much money as you’re willing to spend.

Go Cheap and Spend Longer in Vegas

Most major casino hotels offer great deals with cheap accommodation (think around $99 at Resorts World or as low as $35 at some lesser-known casino hotels). Cheap accommodation can be obtained because casinos rely on their customers to spend more in their restaurants, casinos and stores.

  • Lodging: Enjoy accommodation from as little as $35.00 for two

Of course, there are others who would disagree that Vegas should be budgeted for. For some, the best balance is spending less time there and doing and gushing over a shorter period of time. Burn the brighter light for half the time so to speak.


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