Boulder City accountant arrested for $500,000 embezzlement


A Boulder City accountant who disappeared in 2021 was arrested in connection with an embezzlement scheme that cost her former Henderson employer more than $500,000, according to police and court records.

A Boulder City spokeswoman confirmed that Boulder City police arrested Kathryn Mari Trygstad on Tuesday.

Henderson court records show she faces counts of forgery, grand theft and embezzlement over $100,000, burglary of a business and count of offense of petty larceny.

Trygstad, authorities said, was 54 in April 2021 when she was the subject of a missing persons leaflet issued by Boulder City. A Boulder City police arrest report said she was reported missing by her employer at Henderson, JCORD LLC, where she had worked since 2014.

Trygstad was later found unharmed by authorities.

But after Trygstad disappeared, police said they served subpoenas on her bank statements in a bid to find her and uncovered a series of “unauthorized and fraudulent” transactions involving thefts from her employer from July 2017 to April 2021.

“Kathryn successfully made 189 fraudulent deposits into one or a combination of three personal checking accounts totaling $316,318.59,” police said. “Of those 189 deposits, 123 were fraudulent payroll deposits that cost JCORD an additional $32,038.67 in taxes, $28,862.43 in union dues and $125,260.59 in union trust payments.”

Cumulatively, according to police, JCORD lost $502,480.28.

Boulder City police said they arrested Trygstad Tuesday at his current employer’s office in Las Vegas. They also said that at the time of her disappearance she was in possession of a large sum of money which she intended to use for the purchase of a boat.

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