BrewDog Las Vegas looks crazy, biggest venue yet set to open Dec 2 with $1 million bar prize (enjoy some renders)


Guess the only option is to go big in Vegas, right? That’s exactly what international brewing brand BrewDog has done. At least the renders go big! I’ll be in Las Vegas in March, so I’ll report back. BrewDog, which has its US home in Columbus, Ohio, just announced that its first location in Las Vegas will actually be opening very soon, and it also announced a weekend celebration starting Friday, December 2, so start planning now.

The location is located on the third and fourth floors of the Showcase Mall on Las Vegas Blvd., and it will feature a 30,000 square foot rooftop bar that looks to have some pretty awesome views of the Strip. In fact, the spotlight sits right above a 4,000 square foot LED cube with a custom-made 30-foot illuminated sign. It is a high level brand image. The new site is also the largest of BrewDog’s 113 sites worldwide. Please report it.

BrewDog is also billing this big, bright Vegas venue as Las Vegas’ “first-ever carbon-negative bar,” according to the press release. Learn more about BrewDog’s major carbon negative initiatives just here (it’s impressive).

$1 million bar tab? WTF?

Visit the party on December 2 and you may be lucky to drink for the rest of your life and/or die trying. Throughout the evening, BrewDog will be handing out prizes to attendees, where one guest will receive a million dollar bar tab, which can be used at any BrewDog bar around the world for the next 20 years. Losers will be consoled with a brewpub menu that will feature items exclusive to the Vegas location and over 96 tap pours, including fan favorites such as Elvis Juice and Punk IPA, plus guest taps from brewpubs. local.

Beer will also be made on site. A 10-barrel brewhouse will allow the creation of exclusive brews in small batches. What about food? What about entertainment? Opening in a city known internationally for its food offerings and 24-hour fun factors, BrewDog pulls out all the stops with an exclusive menu worthy of Vegas and gaming. Besides BrewDog’s famous pizzas and tacos, you can also enjoy lobster and Wagyu beef burgers. Guests can eat, drink, and also play on full-size shuffleboard tables, retro games, and of course, multiple televisions to cheer on their favorite teams.

For more information and reservations, visit the BrewDog website at

How about this BrewDog?

Since 2007, BrewDog has been on a mission to make others as passionate about good craft beer as they are. As well as becoming the world’s first carbon-negative brewery in 2020, BrewDog is also B-Corp certified from 2021. It’s all part of its mission to become the world’s most sustainable beverage brand, showing that business can be a force for good. BrewDog shook up the business world in 2010 with the launch of the pioneering Equity for Punks crowdfunding initiative, an initiative that saw the company raise over $99 million in seven rounds, with the final round open. until April 2020.

Equity Punk’s funds and community of shareholders (217,803) have enabled the Scottish craft brewery to grow. With over 113 bars around the world, exporting to 60 countries, and a brewery in Ohio launched in 2017, BrewDog continues to lead the craft beer revolution around the world. BrewDog recently released the BrewDog Master Plan, under which it was announced that 50% of the profits generated by each bar will be shared directly with the staff who staff them. According to the press release, the BrewDog Las Vegas team will benefit from this profit-sharing program – both part-time and full-time.


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