Catholic schools in Las Vegas become distant for early 2022 | News


LAS VEGAS (FOX5) – Across the country, more than 3,200 schools have decided to move away or delay the return of children from winter vacation on Tuesday night.

On Wednesday, CCSD students will return to class in person, but students at Catholic schools in Las Vegas will remain online for another day due to concerns over COVID-19.

Adriana Mendoza’s 10-year-old son, Jose Rams, in fifth grade at St Francis.

“I know it’s difficult for a lot of people. They work different hours… so for me yes, I changed those two days to stay at home with my son, ”she said.

Although she had to adjust her work schedule to stay home with her son this week, she said she was happy the school was taking precautions.

The superintendent of Catholic schools sent a letter to parents saying in part:

“Thank you for your continued cooperation and support as we work to keep our school communities safe while addressing the challenges of covid-19. With omicron variant cases having accelerated dramatically in recent days, both in Nevada and across the country, our Diocesan Restoration Council and Medical Advisors agree that there is a high likelihood of increased transmission due to the gatherings. and travel during the holidays. recently published data show that cases are increasing most rapidly in children, adolescents and young adults. Based on the data and advice we have received; our schools will offer distance education (online) to all students on Tuesday January 4 and Wednesday January 5. “

Mendoza’s son is due back to school on Thursday and his mother says she thinks it’s better. She says after learning at home last year, she knows he does best in a real classroom.

“I was a little nervous last year, not now because they take all the precautions… you know, like the mask, the disinfectant and everything,” Mendoza said.

Districts in Georgia, Michigan, New Jersey, Illinois, and Ohio are also moving online courses due to the omicron push.


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