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By Barry Willner

The Associated Press

Playoff scenarios will dominate Week 17, which was the regular season finale. Now, with a 17th Game added to the schedule, there are playoff implications almost everywhere.

Among the most intriguing clashes involving two clubs not in the Super Bowl parade but on the sidelines: the Raiders (8-7) and Colts (9-6) tackle it.

Las Vegas, No.17 in AP Pro32, is a 6.5-point underdog at No.8 in Indianapolis. Depending on whether or not Carson Wentz is at the Colts quarterback, it should be tight, with the Colts winning the game in the end. Foals, 22-17

Knockout pool: Philadelphia kept pace last week, and for the penultimate week of those pools, we suggest San Francisco even without Jimmy G at quarterback.

Somewhere else:

# 30 New York Giants (+6) to # 25 Chicago: Two trainers on heated seats. A Chicago win might not help Matt Nagy. BEST BET: BEAR, 19-9

No.18 Cleveland (–3) vs. No.19 (tie) Pittsburgh, Monday night: There’s no upheaval at Pro Picks, but we have to pick one – and our record has been pretty special. CAPPING SPECIAL: STEELS, 19-17

No. 19 (tie) Minnesota (+6.5) at No. 1 Green Bay: The Packers struggled to hold a larger lead late in the game. It ends Sunday night. PACKAGERS, 29-20

No.2 Kansas City (–5.5) vs. No.9 Cincinnati: Two road wins will give the AFC Chiefs a field advantage. CHEFS, 30-26

Arizona # 11 (+5.5) vs. Dallas # 3: Arizona’s offense stalled. Dallas had the same problem, but woke up. COW-BOYS, 26-16

No. 5 Los Angeles Rams (-3.5) to No. 15 (tie) Baltimore: Injury-ravaged Baltimore’s fall will knock them out of the playoffs. RAMS, 24-16

No.23 Atlanta (+14.5) vs. No.7 Buffalo: Buffalo’s road to the AFC East crown includes home games with the Falcons and Jets. INVOICES, 23-13

# 32 Jacksonville (+15.5) vs. 10th in New England: New England like to fight weak teams. PATRIOTS, 37-7

Tampa Bay No. 4 (–13) against No. 29 New York Jets: Tom Brady loves having a blast against the Jets. BOUCANIERS, 30-16

No.12 Miami (+3.5) vs. No.6 Tennessee: Tennessee has a shot at having the advantage on the AFC field, but the Dolphins are a tough group with a lot to play for. TITANS, 20-19

No.14 Philadelphia (–3.5) vs. No.24 Washington: Philly’s rise to the playoffs could pay off with a win here. EAGLES, 24-20

No. 22 Denver (+6) at No. 15 (tie) Los Angeles Chargers: Looks like a lock that Denver QB Drew will be gone for 2022. CHARGEURS, 30-13

Houston # 28 (+12.5) vs. San Francisco # 13: Rookie QB Troy Lance for the Niners vs. Davis Mills for the Texans? 49ERS, 24-16

No. 31 Detroit (+7) vs. No. 26 Seattle: The Seahawks are the league’s most disappointing team. SEAHAWKS, 20-17

# 27 Carolina (+6.5) vs # 21 New Orleans: An impossible game to choose, but New Orleans is a bit healthier than last week. SAINTS, 20-10

RECORD 2021: Last week: Direct: 11-5. Against spread: 9-7; Season: Straight: 157-82-1. Against the spread: 134-103-2; Best bet: Straight: 9-6-1. Against spread: 10-6; Upset Special: Straight: 13-2. Against propagation: 13-2.

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