Do you need flood insurance? FOX5 gets answers this monsoon season


LAS VEGAS, Nev. (FOX5) — Many homeowners and business owners are questioning the need for flood insurance after monsoons hit the Las Vegas Valley for the past few days.

FOX5 checked in with Patrick Casale from The Multicare Groupwho received inquiries regarding flood insurance in light of the storms.

Parts of the valley already require flood insurance, having been considered a high risk flood zone. If even a little water has crept into your home or business from the street or yard, it shows that your property may need flood insurance.

“It would be flood damage. If you are in an area that is very, very unlikely to be affected by flooding, the cost will be minimal,” he said. “If you’re affected by black mold. It’s a serious problem,” says Casalé.

Casale thinks many of the requests are reactionary and explains the most likely cause of water in your home: leaky roofs or pipes. Your insurance should cover these damages.

“You might have leaks in your roof and not see them. It may be dormant for a while. Don’t be reactive. Be proactive,” he said, advising every home and business owner to check pipes and roofs before the monsoon season, just as air conditioning is inspected before the heat. extreme.


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