Does Atlantic City look like Vegas? Here are the main differences


What is it about Las Vegas that all the other cities want to draw a comparison to? Well, Vegas isn’t just any other city. It is an internationally recognized beach resort, popular for its intense gambling activities, fine dining, luxury shopping and incredible nightlife.

Atlantic City, on the other hand, is a small resort town built in the image and likeness of Las Vegas. It is nicknamed “the mini Vegas”, thanks to the inspiration it draws from it. But does Atlantic City somehow resemble Las Vegas?


Here is a detailed description of the similarities and differences between the two.

Why Atlantic City is Considered a “Mini Vegas”

New Jersey’s Atlantic City has been nicknamed “mini Vegas” for a reason. The title comes down to the city’s inspiration from Vegas. First of all, it’s a resort town like Vegas. The general setting of the city as well as its strategic positioning automatically make it look more like Vegas.

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Much like Las Vegas, Atlantic City has a huge history of gambling. Since 1976, casino gambling has been an integral part of the city, with vacationers coming from far and wide seeking to experience it firsthand.

The city’s incredible nightlife is also the origin of the Vegas mini tag. This city has recently developed an obsession with nightlife similar to what happens in Vegas. The city is painted with several nightclubs where vacationers party during their holidays.

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Similarities Between Atlantic City and Vegas

The Mini Vegas label given to Atlantic City has more to do with the similarities between the two states. These similarities go beyond the obvious things like having a beautiful skyline and amazing beaches.

One thing that no one can take away from these two cities is their gambling culture. Both cities have casinos lined up in their streets. The best part is that these casinos operate legally under the regulations set by the respective local authorities.

Besides gaming culture, both cities are entertainment hotspots. From cinemas to nightclubs, there is never a dull moment in any of them. Being entertainment hotspots, it’s easy to spot and interact with pop stars and other celebrities in either.

Diversity is another important aspect that makes cities similar. Vacationers can choose to stay away from the casino while having a good time on the beach. Watersports activities abound in both towns offering an alternative form of entertainment.

Why Atlantic City is different from Vegas

Even with the many similarities highlighted between the two, Las Vegas is still miles ahead. Even the gambling culture in Atlantic City does not come close to that of Vegas.

Vegas is diverse

Atlantic City has all of its casinos in the same area. On the other hand, Vegas has its casinos spread all over the city. The Vegas Strip is the most popular of them all, but it’s not the only place with casinos in Vegas.

Vegas has a huge history with gambling, which is part of why the world’s leading casinos are based in the city. With its diversity, vacationers can easily navigate the Las Vegas Strip from casino to casino as part of the experience.

Vegas enjoys higher status

The branding and presentation put Las Vegas Boulevard on the world map. Its casinos have played a key role in marketing the city to the outside world. With several casinos in the area, vacationers are more convinced of their possible success and increased probability of winning.

With more people frequenting these casinos, the number of winners automatically increases, increasing Vegas’ rating as a gambler’s paradise.

Great outdoor activities

Other than the beach, Atlantic City doesn’t have much to offer. Not everyone is a great swimmer, which means the town lacks the diversity to accommodate a wide range of holidaymakers. Vegas, on the other hand, has everything the average vacationer would need.

Outdoor activities are commonplace in Vegas. With its vast desert area, vacationers have many hikes to do. From Red Rock Canyon to Fire State Park, the list of outdoor spaces to explore is virtually endless.

Good reputation

Reputation is an essential aspect of modern tourism. Even with its state-of-the-art casinos, Atlantic City has failed to attract many vacationers due to New Jersey’s poor reputation.

East Coast cities have been widely associated with increased crime rates. Even though Vegas isn’t crime-free, the cases aren’t as prevalent as those seen in New Jersey. Vegas’ flexibility has allowed it to fight crime to a great extent. Even with the rise in gun violence cases across America, Vegas has still managed to keep such scenarios low, which is a great bonus point for its tourist basket.

Atlantic City’s obsession with Vegas culture has earned it the title “mini Vegas.” True to form, the city lives in the shadow of Vegas but will have to work a little harder to reach the heights of Vegas. With its small size, the city could be forced to revamp its strategic plan if it were ever to get closer to Las Vegas.


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