Elon Musk gets approval to build underground tunnel system across Las Vegas – EDM.com


America’s Entertainment Capital is about to receive a major infrastructure upgrade thanks to Elon Musk.

Musk and The Boring Company gained approval from Las Vegas officials to begin building a vast network of underground tunnels designed to alleviate the overwhelming traffic, The edge reports.

Pre-pandemic levels of tourism in Las Vegas have historically exceeded 42 million annual visitors. Vegas is the second largest tourist attraction in the United States after New York. And with such a scale, of course, come the traffic headaches.

Enter “Vegas Loop,” The Boring Company’s land for a 29-mile-long network of tunnels designed to circulate the Las Vegas Strip. Notable landmarks along the route will include McCarran International Airport, UNLV, Allegiant Stadium, and various locations along the Sin City circuit of internationally renowned hotels and clubs.

The project will significantly expand the existing 1.7 million tunnel structure known as the Las Vegas Convention Center Loop.

The long-term goal of the network is to make a fleet of autonomous Teslas its cornerstone, transporting passengers at high speed through the loop and making daily commuting easier than ever.

Previous efforts to bring technology to cities like Los Angeles and Chicago got bogged down in bureaucracy before faltering. While Clark County, Nevada’s approval to bring the idea to fruition in Vegas is an encouraging first step, Musk and his team will need to secure land and building permits along the proposed route before launching the project.


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