Flew Breeze’s Embraer 190 aircraft and loved the experience: review


The airline was founded by airline entrepreneur David Neeleman, who also founded JetBlue Airways; Azul, based in Brazil; Canadian low-cost carrier WestJet; and Morris, which merged with Southwest Airlines.

JetBlue A321neo.

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Neeleman’s vision for Breeze is to offer low fares and connect mid-sized markets that currently lack nonstop service.

Flying on the Breeze Airways A220.

Comptoir Breeze in Hartford on the first day of operations.

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“We can get you there twice as fast for half the price,” the CEO likes to say.

Inaugural flight of Breeze Airways David Neeleman

David Neeleman’s inaugural Breeze Airways flight.

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Since then, the carrier has improved its fleet by upgrading its Embraer jets with new interiors and even adding a new type of aircraft – the Airbus A220, which it flies on transcontinental routes.

Flying on the Breeze Airways A220.

Breeze’s A220 after flying from Richmond to San Francisco.

Taylor Rains / Insider

After being on the company’s very first flight and being slightly disappointed with the product, I was eager to see if the new cabin was any better. So I booked a ticket from Charleston to Hartford to see the changes – here’s what it looked like.

Flying Breeze Embraer 195.

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My flight to Connecticut started at 7:30 am from Charleston International Airport. Because I was returning from Las Vegas via Charleston, I didn’t have to go to the ticket office or go through security.

Airport entrance with

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Despite the frustration, I knew summer travel was going to be hectic for all airlines this year, but I hope Breeze does more to keep its flights on schedule. My delays were due to maintenance and staff, which are under the carrier’s control.

Fly on Breeze's A220 in economy class.

Inbound flight to Las Vegas was delayed due to staffing, then had another delay in Vegas due to maintenance.

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While customers can come prepared with their own pre-downloaded content, Breeze’s Embraer jets have a free onboard portal allowing travelers to stream TV shows, like “Bob’s Burgers” or “Modern Family.”

Flying on the Breeze Embraer 195.

Taylor Rains / Insider


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