‘I didn’t say I didn’t send it’, Las Vegas man accused of sending drugs to girlfriend in jail


LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — A Las Vegas man has been charged with sending narcotics to his girlfriend who was being held at the Clark County Detention Center, according to an arrest report.

Stephen Gibson, 38, faces charges of conspiracy to violate the Uniform Controlled Substances Act, conspiracy to supply a controlled substance to a state prisoner and unauthorized communication with a criminal prisoner in the county jail.

On August 23, the CCDC Gang Section intercepted a package containing what they believed to be narcotics. According to police, the package was addressed to Cindy Hutchings, who is currently being held at CCDC for robbery.

Stephen Gibson

Through in-person video visits and phone calls, officers were able to identify Gibson as the one who sent the narcotics to Hutchings. The package was delivered by legal mail and was named “Leavitt Law Firm,” according to the report.

The package raised suspicion because Gibson had given Hutchings the tracking number over the phone. According to police, Gibson and Hutchings also had phone conversations about narcotics.

Gibson was on probation for assault and battery with a deadly weapon and was held back on probation and parole due to his role in sending narcotics.

In an interview with detectives, Gibson initially said he only mailed letters and said it had been about three months since he last sent a letter to the Hutchings, according to The report.

However, when asked directly about the package that was intercepted by the CCDC, he said he believed the package was packaged with Percocet commonly known as “Oxy”, police said.

Throughout the interview, Gibson made several statements confirming his involvement in the narcotics shipment, police said.

Gibson initially told police “I didn’t send it, I promise on my dead father’s soul”, but later in the interview he told detectives “I didn’t said I hadn’t sent it”.

Gibson told detectives he would retrieve the narcotics, envelopes and shipping label from an unknown Hispanic male he found at Palm Market, according to the report.

Gibson said he didn’t know the “guy” who would provide him with the items and had no contact information but would always find him at the Palm Market, police said.

Gibson also told police he would speak to Hutchings through his apartment window as he stood on the street, which was confirmed by CCDC surveillance footage.

Gibson told police he had sent narcotics three times before, but felt like he was only sending Percocets, according to the arrest report. Police then arrested Gibson and took him to CCDC for booking.

Gibson is scheduled to appear in court for his probation and parole revocation hearing on September 7, 2022.

The substance that was in the package will be subjected to chemical analysis, police said.

CCDC Gang Investigations has conducted an interview with Hutchings and his rebooking will be done by CCDC Gang Investigations.


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