Las Vegas Bowl date, time in question with Allegiant Stadium


The Las Vegas Bowl will be played as scheduled in December. But exactly when depends on who you ask.

The bowl’s website lists the December 17 kickoff at 4:30 p.m., but the Allegiant Stadium website lists the start date and time as “TBA”.

The game, between teams from the Southeastern Conference and the Pac-12, is scheduled to be televised by ABC (KTNV-TV).

“I don’t know why it’s listed like that on their website,” Las Vegas Bowl executive director John Saccenti said Thursday of the Allegiant Stadium roster, “but we have a meeting scheduled for next week. with the stadium and the Raiders. We will add it to the agenda and figure it out.

Saccenti said the bowl plans to announce next week that tickets will go on sale in early November. But first the bowl, the Raiders and Allegiant Stadium must finalize a date for the game.

A possible issue could be the time it takes to change the Allegiant Stadium pitch from natural grass for the bowling game to grass for the Raiders.

The Raiders are scheduled to face the New England Patriots on December 18 at 5:20 p.m. in Allegiant, the day after the Las Vegas Bowl. However, since both teams are off to a slow start, the NFL could move this game from NBC’s national “Sunday Night Football” audience to a regional broadcast around 1:30 p.m.

Such a move would bring the Raiders’ game within 24 hours of the Las Vegas Bowl, shortening the field replacement time as well as rebuilding the South Zone stands.

The Raiders’ Joint Use Agreement with UNLV only provides 12 hours to make this change. Saccenti said the Las Vegas Bowl was not given a specific time in which it had to end its event so as not to conflict with the stadium change.

Steve Hill, CEO and chairman of the Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Authority, said Thursday that each event has its own agreement with the stadium and the Raiders regarding such eventualities.

The stadium’s website didn’t even list the bowl among its upcoming events as recently as Wednesday, but the game appeared there after media inquired into its absence.

A stadium spokeswoman said she was unsure why the game was listed as “TBA”, saying it could be a “technical issue” and she would try to find out.

Another attempt to reach her for comment was unsuccessful, as were attempts to reach Allegiant Stadium general manager Chris Wright. A Raiders spokesperson said he was unsure why the bowl had not been listed on the stadium’s website.

Last year’s Las Vegas Bowl was the first in Allegiant, drawing a reported crowd of 32,515 to see Wisconsin defeat Arizona State 20-13. The combination of a spike in COVID-19 and high New Year’s Eve hotel room rates negatively impacted ticket sales for that game, which was played on December 30.

Hoping to attract a better crowd, the game was moved before Christmas during what is typically a slow time for tourism in southern Nevada. The bowl was traditionally played before Christmas and often drew sold-out crowds to Sam Boyd Stadium.

There are three years left after this game on the contract in which a Pac-12 team faces an opponent from the SEC or the Big Ten Conference. Due to the expansion of the college football playoffs from four to 12 teams by the 2026 season as well as the realignment of the conference, the Las Vegas Bowl could become a more high-profile game or put itself in a position to be a host of the playoffs.

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