Las Vegas company develops ‘saving lipstick’ for women


Could cosmetics save lives? According to the World Health Organization, domestic violence affects more than one in four women during her lifetime. And many crimes go unreported.

That’s why a new Las Vegas-based company hopes to help women fight back with something you might not suspect: lipstick.

Esoes (pronounced SOS) is developing a cutting-edge cosmetic product to help women get help when they need it most.

There are situations that members of our community experience every day that are unimaginable to most of us.

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Joy Hoover is the founder and CEO of Esoes. She said the innovative lipstick, which will come in a variety of colors, will contain a test token in the base that can be used to test a drink for the most common ‘date-rape’ drugs in less than an hour. minute.

It will also have a Bluetooth connection to a customizable app that will help connect you to friends, emergency contacts and/or authorities.

Drug-facilitated sexual assault is something that isn’t talked about much, and there’s very little on the market today that will truly mitigate or prevent it.

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The idea of ​​offering a joint product with hidden safety features took shape following a family tragedy that forever changed her life, that of her husband and that of her family.

In 2013, Phil Hoover’s father shot and killed Phil’s mother, Phil’s brother, and himself at the family’s Michigan home after a domestic dispute.

We think he’s kind of lost touch with reality…we don’t want anyone else’s last words to be on a phone call to 911.

Phil Hoover

After years of treatment, therapy and family discussions, the Hoovers set Esoes in motion. Phil Hoover said he thought a product like this could have made the difference. The lipstick is practical and discreet.

If she could have had a tool like this where she could connect to another person and say, “I need help,” I think that would have changed some things.

Phil Hoover

The Hoovers aim to put lipstick in the hands of women around the world in early 2023.


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