Las Vegas father charged with death of 4-month-old to methamphetamine has failed drug test 6 times in past months


Coroner: Meth on his fingers, secondhand smoke probably killed a baby

The father of a 4-month-old who died from methamphetamine in his blood has failed a court-ordered drug test at least six times in the past four months, a judge said in court on Monday. (KLAS)

LAS VEGAS (KLAS) – Father of 4-month-old who died of methamphetamine in his blood failed a court-ordered drug test at least six times in the past four months, a judge said in court on Monday .

Metro police arrested Leilani Salomon’s parents, Evangelina Salomon and Brian Carroll, in January 2021 for child abuse.

Leilani was born in April 2020 and died in August of the same year from methamphetamine toxicity, the coroner’s office reported. His mode of death is listed as undetermined.

A doctor said the child likely died from second-hand smoke or methamphetamine on his parents’ fingers.

Salomon and Carroll waived their rights to a preliminary court hearing on Monday, agreeing to a plea deal, which will be heard in district court next week.

At Carroll’s hearing on Monday, Court Justice Harmony Letizia noted that Carroll had failed six drug tests since September. The tests came from a court-appointed SCRAM bracelet, which tests a person’s sweat for drugs or alcohol.

“One of the main conditions for his release was that he had to undergo random drug tests, and obviously given the nature of the charges, he had to stay sober,” Letizia said.

Carroll’s attorney said his client was adamant that he had not used methamphetamine, although he noted that the SCRAM reports spoke for themselves.

“Obviously, given the circumstances of this case and the fact that a child died of a methamphetamine overdose at the hands of Mr. Carroll and Ms. Salomon, I believe it is appropriate to detain him. provisional without bond, ”Letizia said.

Letizia ordered Carroll to return to the Clark County Detention Center without bail. Salomon remains in detention since his arrest.

In October 2020, Carroll told investigators he and Salomon used methamphetamine together and sometimes got high in a bathroom adjacent to a room they left their child, according to court documents.

Carroll told investigators in 2020 he was not surprised Leilani had methamphetamine in his system at the time of his death, telling investigators, “It could have been him touching and using meth with his hands and it was on his fingers when he held and carried “her, according to court documents.

Carroll also described his drug use as “reckless and expressed remorse for his actions,” investigators said at the time.

In November 2020, investigators interviewed Salomon, who, according to court documents, was also not surprised at the presence of methamphetamine in his daughter’s system, adding that secondhand smoke could be to blame since Leilani was “at proximity while she and Brian were using it. “

The couple are due in court on January 21. They should agree to a plea deal that includes jail time.


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