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LAS VEGAS and VANCOUVER, British Columbia, March 11, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — TAAT GLOBAL ALTERNATIVES INC. (CSE: TAAT) (OTCQX: TOBAF) (FRANKFURT: 2TP) (the “Company” or “TAAT”) is pleased to announce that its flagship brand TAAT™ is now featured at the start of all episodes of “In the Huddle”, a professional football podcast hosted by Vinny Bonsignore, who is a sportswriter for Las. Vegas. Starting in 2021, the company incorporated sports-related sponsorships into its marketing strategy in categories such as professional bull riding, boxing, and stock car racing. As a non-tobacco product, TAAT™ benefits from the ability to withdraw advertising and sponsorship aimed at the public in the United States, a practice that has long been prohibited by tobacco companies. As one of the most popular sports in the country, TAAT™ has chosen to pursue professional football as a sponsorship category to broaden its scope of exposure as the company continues to grow its footprint.

The Parent Network of the “In the Huddle” Podcast has provided TAAT™ with this sponsorship at no monetary cost, as the TAAT™ Principles of Beyond Tobacco™ and Beyond Nicotine™ align with network values. Through repeated mentions of TAAT™’s name and messages on “In the Huddle”, as well as various other media placements and appearances at live events, the company anticipates that it can continually generate new awareness and build existing brand awareness as a better alternative to tobacco cigarettes.

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A transcribed version of the TAAT™ commercial currently airing at the start of each “In the Huddle” podcast episode is shown below:

“Raider Nation ‘In the Huddle’ is about giving our fans the best opportunities in life. TAAT™ is a new product that allows smokers to enjoy the sensations of smoking with zero tobacco and zero nicotine. Finally a cigarette you can feel good about! Similar to the Raider Nation rituals of winning championships. TAAT™ delivers the ‘Beyond Nicotine™’ experience with its Beyond Tobacco™ base material that tastes, smells, feels, sees and sounds without nicotine or tobacco. TAAT™ provides a better option to completely eliminate nicotine intake without compromising the smoking experience. TAAT™ Beyond Tobacco™. Raider Nation, get your free TAAT™ pack today at

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TAAT™ CEO, Setti Coscarella, said, “Over the past few years, podcasts have generated an exceptional level of listener engagement given the conversational format that is conducive to easy listening, as well as the flexible options for enjoying them. at any time of the day. on a variety of devices. I have personally been interviewed on numerous podcasts in my capacity as CEO of TAAT™ to discuss the company, our vision and the tobacco industry in general. However, this is the first time we have leveraged a podcast from a sponsorship perspective. Historically, sports-related media was a preferred channel for tobacco companies until advertising bans began to take effect. Since our launch, we have capitalized on this opportunity as a way to promote the TAAT™ brand and as such, we are very pleased to benefit from the visibility of sponsors on the “In the Huddle” podcast on professional football in Las Vegas. . .”

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About TAAT Global Alternatives Inc.

The Company has developed TAAT™, which is a tobacco-free and nicotine-free alternative to traditional cigarettes offered in “Original”, “Smooth” and “Menthol” varieties. The base material of TAAT™ is Beyond Tobacco™, a proprietary blend that undergoes a patent-pending refinement technique that causes its scent and taste to resemble tobacco. Led by management with the “Big Tobacco” pedigree, TAAT™ was first launched in the United States in Q4 2020 as the company seeks to position itself in the $814 billion1 the global tobacco industry.

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1 British American Tobacco – The World Market

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