Las Vegas to Host Women Entrepreneurs at Business Awards Ceremony


LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — Las Vegas will host the top female executives for the Stevie Awards, which celebrate women entrepreneurs in business.

A new study reveals that Nevada is in the top 10 for women in business.

Entrepreneurs are grappling with an unprecedented shift in how — and where — Americans work, live, and spend.

Some states have become business hotspots, such as Nevada, which ranks 9th among the best states for entrepreneurs, according to the Harrington International Group.

The rankings were determined by analyzing taxes, jobs, startup survival rate, and consumer spending, from 2020 to the present.

Dr. Kaplan Mulholland is the founder of I-finance, she has grown her start-up business to over two billion dollars in loan applications.

Her most valuable lesson she learned is “Think big and show investors you believe in your business plan!” »

She also added that defining a business model early on and doing a market analysis to find out who your competitors are can help get started.

“Too many entrepreneurs make the mistake of thinking small,” she said.

She also added that to be an attractive borrower when applying for a loan, you have to think the way a banker or lender thinks.

“If they meet with you, they want to lend you money, go to the meeting informed about what they expect from you and what gives them that level of comfort about how they are going to get feedback on their investment,” she said.

This year, Mulholland is a finalist for Woman of the Year and will be in Las Vegas celebrating women in business for the Stevie Awards.


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