Las Vegas visitors get marriage license alongside J. Lo, Affleck


Posted on: July 21, 2022, 12:26 p.m.

Last update: July 21, 2022, 2:27 a.m.

A couple from Missouri will have a Las Vegas wedding story to tell over many anniversaries. They got their license at the same time and place as celebrities Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck.

Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez after their wedding in Las Vegas
Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez after their wedding in Las Vegas, pictured above. They got their license at the same time as Brittany and Brennon Calvin. The two couples also chose the same wedding chapel for the ceremony: A Little White Wedding Chapel. (Image: Getty Images)

They also tied the knot in a ceremony at the same wedding chapel as the famous couple, just hours apart. It was A Little White Wedding Chapel, located in Las Vegas.

This is definitely a story we will tell our neighbors, our children, anyone who will listen. Brennon Calvin, the groom, said KVVUa local television channel. “If I had taken a left turn differently it would never have happened, so it was like fate.”

The St. Joseph, Mo. couple said it all started around 11 p.m. Saturday when they arrived at the Clark County marriage license office.

“We pull up, and there’s a limo – like there’s a really nice car outside,” Brittany Calvin, the bride, revealed. KVVU.

Las Vegas destination wedding ceremonies are a major part of the state’s tourism industry. The entire wedding industry produces $2 billion a year. Clark County issued its five millionth marriage license in February.

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The Calvins were one of four couples there. They quickly spotted Lopez and Affleck.

They were just to the left of us,” remembers Brittany Calvin. “We were signing our marriage papers at the same time.”

“They were super low-key… She had her head bent like that the whole time with her arm,” Brennon Calvin added. “I don’t think she ever showed her face, honestly.”

J-Lo was in a long white dress. Affleck wore white pants and a blue jacket, Brittany Calvin recalled.

When the Calvins left office, they laughed. “Wouldn’t it be funny if they went to our chapel too?” And they certainly did,” Brennon Calvin said.

The Calvins visited the chapel later on Sunday. J. Lo and Affleck went early Sunday morning, right after getting the license.

An unforgettable experience

Later, the Calvins were seated in the same pink Cadillac convertible at the chapel that J. Lo and Affleck had been in just hours before.

The pink Cadillac at A Little White Wedding Chapel, pictured above. The Afflecks and the Calvins sat in the car after their wedding. (Image: A small white wedding chapel)

Looking back, the two Calvins recommend a wedding in Las Vegas.

“If you’re not married, go to Las Vegas. It was fun. It was a lot of fun,” Brennon Calvin said.


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