Luna Technologies Introduces Oberon Industrial Grade Cannabis Extractor


PORTLAND, Oregon – (COMMERCIAL THREAD) –Luna Technologies, a Portland-based manufacturer of hydrocarbon extraction equipment for the cannabis industry, today introduced the Oberon, a completely redesigned high-flow hydrocarbon extractor with increased capacity to meet the needs of consumers. large-scale operators. The Oberon can process 36 pounds of fresh frozen cannabis flowers per hour, including the ability to run back-to-back cycles with less than 60 seconds of downtime in between, which is the highest rates for a single machine Of the industry. The system can also use an infinite number of programmable extraction recipes available through Luna Technologies’ proprietary cookbook.

“The introduction of Oberon is our response to the unprecedented demand and growing range of subcategory preferences in cannabis concentrates and extracts,” said Jack Naito, president of Luna Technologies. “As the cannabis markets mature, sales of concentrates, including butane and vaping products, are increasing at a faster rate than flowering. As a result, manufacturers need more capacity and greater efficiency to accurately produce the most demanded extract products. ”

According to Headset, a data and analytics provider for the cannabis industry, sales of concentrates jumped more than 40 percent in 2020 in the US states of California, Colorado, Nevada, Oregon and Washington, signaling manufacturers to increase production and increase investment to keep pace with changing consumer preferences in markets in full maturity. Headset data also suggests that concentrate and vape products would have slightly larger market shares in 2022, to the detriment of flowers and pre-rolls, in the legal markets of the United States and Canada.

Meanwhile, vape sales data compiled by Arcview Market Research and Greentake from Q2 2021 has seen at least double digit growth year-over-year total sales and units sold in the 11 largest markets in the United States and Canadian provinces.

Improved production capacity, efficiency and flexibility

Luna Technologies engineers designed the Oberon from scratch for the largest producers to achieve increased energy efficiency, capacity and flexibility in the production process. Similar to IO, Oberon uses a hydrocarbon solvent to separate and purify cannabis oil, but with a larger extraction vessel. The higher capacity thresholds allow growers to perform more efficient replays and more easily extract minor cannabinoids and terpenes as desired.

In addition to end-to-end cannabis extraction, including ancillary products for bleaching and pre-treatment of biomass, the Oberon offers processors the ability to perform consecutive cycles with less than a minute of time. stop in between. Luna Technologies engineers performed rigorous testing to create a highly efficient cooling system for the larger capacity Oberon that maintains precise solvent temperatures at every stage of processing, further reducing downtime between runs of potentially hours to seconds while improving overall speed, quality and volume.

In total, Oberon enables hydrocarbon processors to maximize the required service load for lower operating costs while reducing overhead costs associated with freezer use, storage and excess biomass inventory.

Luna Technologies plans to deliver its first Oberon production units in the first quarter of 2022.

To view the Oberon and the full range of equipment and extraction capabilities from Luna Technologies, please visit booth # C5211 at MJBizCon, October 20-22, 2021, at the Las Vegas Convention Center in Las Vegas.

About Luna Technologies:

Luna Technologies designs state-of-the-art extraction equipment for cannabis processors. Meticulously designed automated equipment allows operators to process freshly frozen or dried plant biomass with stress tested equipment and built-in safeties to promote a higher level of workplace safety while reducing labor costs. artwork. Luna’s green engineering approach helps reduce energy consumption while setting the industry standard for safety, quality, consistency and customization to support the creation of clean and consistent cannabis concentrates. with medical and social benefits. Learn more about


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