Meet the minister who married Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck


LAS VEGAS (Local News Live/Gray News) — Pastor Ryan Wolfe was about to turn off the lights Saturday night at A Little White Wedding Chapel in Las Vegas when his career surprise came through the doors.

“We were about to close, and all of a sudden we see a Cadillac Escalade pull up, and this couple comes in and they start talking to us, and to be honest with you, at first I didn’t even know not who it was,” Wolfe said. “I guess you don’t expect Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck to walk through your chapel every day. So, that completely caught me off guard.

Wolfe shared details of last weekend’s nuptials in an interview.

After leading Affleck to the bathroom and Lopez to the break room to change into wedding attire, Wolfe said he started thinking about the ceremony he was about to perform.

“I was nervous once I figured out who it was,” Wolfe said. “I’ve probably done 10,000 weddings, but I’ve certainly never done one of this caliber, but I just knew I’m here to do a job, and they really enjoyed the ceremony.”

With Affleck standing at the front of the chapel, Wolfe said Lopez took the short walk down the aisle from the lobby with one of her children wearing the train of her Zuhair Murad wedding dress as the walk from traditional wedding “Here Comes the Bride” sounded from a Bluetooth speaker. One of Affleck’s children was also present.

Wolfe said the entire ceremony lasted less than 10 minutes, with Lopez and Affleck getting emotional as they exchanged their handwritten vows and rings.

As a pastor, Wolfe said he was glad Lopez opted for a prayer at the ceremony as well.

“We ask all our couples if they want a religious or civil ceremony. Ben said, ‘I don’t care,’ and Jennifer said, ‘Absolutely, I wish God was in my ceremony,’” he recalled.

Having officiated thousands of weddings, Wolfe said he often had a hunch about whether a couple would stay together long-term.

“If you had asked me on Friday, ‘Do I think their marriage is going to do it, or their marriage is going to do it?’… I probably would have said, ‘Who knows if it’s going to do it or not “Wolfe said. “But I can tell you that they really, really love each other, they have really strong feelings. It was kind of an emotional moment, an emotional wedding, and it was really amazing.

Wolfe said Affleck recorded the ceremony on his phone and the couple graciously took photos with staff afterwards.

The couple also rode in the chapel’s famous pink Cadillac to pose for some photos.

Wolfe said he wanted to correct two things that were incorrectly reported about the wedding night.

“In Jennifer’s message, she said they took pictures in Elvis’ pink Cadillac and Elvis was sleeping. Well, I knew that was a joke. A lot of people are like, ‘Hey Well, why didn’t Elvis get up?’ They never asked for Elvis, not once did they ask for Elvis,” Wolfe said.

“And the other thing that I also cleared up in Jennifer’s post, she said they were in line with four couples to get married. She was talking about the marriage license office here in Vegas. Nobody was (at the chapel) except me, our coordinator, Ben and Jennifer and their two children.

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