Nevada ending pandemic emergency declarations and trade restrictions


COVID-19 emergency declarations for Nevada have ended as the Metro Las Vegas public health agency noted the pandemic is not over and said it will continue to monitor the spread of the virus and to provide assistance with vaccination and testing.

While most of the state’s pandemic measures, including trade restrictions and mask mandates, have already been lifted, the Southern Nevada Health District said it was important to remind the public that the virus that cause COVID-19 continued to circulate.

“Cases are currently increasing and new variants are appearing,” said district chief medical officer Dr Fermin Leguen. “It’s more important than ever to protect yourself and others by getting fully vaccinated and boosting if you’re eligible.”

Nevada Governor Steve Sisolak signed a proclamation last week ending the state emergency, a planned action he announced two weeks ago, saying he wanted to ensure that there would be no gap in services.

“Today we turn the page on the state of emergency caused by COVID-19 and turn our laser focus on ensuring that our recovery from the public health, fiscal and economic crisis meets the needs of Nevada families. “said Sisolak, a Democrat seeking re-election. , said in a statement.

Clark County, which includes the Las Vegas area, announced Thursday the end of its declaration of emergency, which was declared on March 15, 2020.

The county said its response to the pandemic included administrative leniency in enforcing ordinances, rules, regulations, procurement and other government functions.

“Although the county no longer requires an emergency declaration, we are still in a pandemic and our vigilance is required as we manage additional strains of the COVID-19 virus,” said the county executive, Yolanda King, in a statement. “Clark County will navigate the tremendous impact of the pandemic on our region over the next two years.”

According to the state’s coronavirus dashboard, Nevada has recorded more than 10,800 deaths attributed to COVID-19 and more than 722,000 reported infections.

The first death in the state attributed to COVID-19 was reported on March 16, 2020, just 11 days after authorities said the first cases were discovered in Reno and Las Vegas.

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