Nevada has made a comeback stronger than ever



The Silver State was hit hard when the pandemic kept residents and tourists in their homes. Now, with the reopening underway, many are returning again for business and entertainment – and Nevada has started its recovery.

This positive recovery is due in part to commercial gaming at the state’s 219 casinos.

Gambling is more than entertainment. In Nevada, the economic impact of gambling is $ 55.96 billion, and the industry supports more than 410,000 jobs statewide. As of July, gaming revenue in Nevada reached $ 7.4 billion, generating $ 555.7 million in state gaming taxes. The vast majority of tax revenue from gaming is directed to the Nevada General Fund and then redistributed to the Legislature Branch for statewide education programs, transportation services, and general budget needs. .

When consumers participate in safe and responsible practices, gambling better serves our communities and fuels our economy. The American Gaming Association’s Responsible Gaming Education Week, which ends today, serves as an important reminder of the role gambling plays in our communities and how to enjoy gambling in a safe and responsible manner.

The industry invests millions of dollars in responsible gaming education and research, dedicates employee time to training, and works with gaming regulators to protect consumers and promote responsible gaming on a daily basis. To make sure you bet responsibly, follow these simple rules:

• Set a budget and stick to it.

• Keep betting while playing with your friends and family.

• Know the odds by learning about the game you are playing.

• Play with legal and trusted operators.

Over the past decade, there has been a proliferation of gambling across the country, with 48 states allowing some form of gambling. I am proud that Nevada is an example of good practice as others seek to get involved. develop in this booming market. We are fortunate that the public and private sectors continue to work together to provide people with the best product while ensuring that all relevant laws and regulations are followed so that gambling is undertaken in a responsible and safe manner by all participants. .

The economic recovery in Nevada continues and growth in industries such as gaming and its ancillary businesses is helping us stay on track for success. As visitors return in person to Nevada casinos, it is more important than ever to focus on responsible gambling and share resources that ensure gambling remains a fun activity that consumers can enjoy with their friends. , their families and colleagues. Thanks to the American Gaming Association, we can do it.

Representative Dina Titus represents the 1st Congressional District of Nevada in the House of Representatives. She previously served in the State Senate and was a professor at UNLV. She lives in Las Vegas.



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