New project set to transform and improve downtown Las Vegas


LAS VEGAS (KLAS) – The newest project from the City of Las Vegas is GreeNVision: The Stewart Avenue Complete Streets Project, which is expected to be a transformation for the downtown core.

The design plan will begin in 2023, the aim is to include wider sidewalks, improve lighting and bus stops, and add landscaping and trees.

Kortney Olson has lived on Charleston and Las Vegas boulevards for three years and frequents downtown.

She told 8 News Now that she felt traffic jams and speeding made it dangerous to drive on the roads.

“Before people were waiting three seconds to honk, and now it’s a flat second, you better be good to go,” Olson said. “People are exhausted.”

As an active runner, Olson said she witnessed many close crashes.

“I was actually crossing Las Vegas Blvd. and Gass Avenue, and a truck came around the corner and drove up the sidewalk as I was about to cross the street and it’s a four-lane road,” Olson added. “It’s great to make more room for improvement and to encourage people to get on their bikes and be more active.

In an area where 28% of residents live below the poverty line, the city hopes to make the space safer and more accessible.

Reynaldo Herrera, lived on Fremont and Maryland Parkway for a few years.

“The biggest issues are the homelessness there, the crime issues and I witnessed a lot of crime when I was there and underdeveloped,” Herrera added. “There was a big chase, just north of Fremont. It was run down and needed a lot of attention and it’s great to hear that they are moving to improve this area.

The city hopes to improve safety for cyclists and pedestrians by adding a corridor-wide speed limit reduction near intersections.

“Being able to use the bikes now in a safe way and giving that attention is good for the community,” Herrera said. “It’s exciting to hear it. It’s just great to see the city paying attention to areas like this, hopefully it could expand to North Vegas.

The City of Las Vegas released a statement regarding the project and is next.

The city applied for federal grant funds to refresh downtown from Stewart Avenue to Eastern Avenue heading east to make it a complete street. A complete street means we will widen sidewalks, add trees, resurface and sanitize roadways, and add clearly defined crosswalks. It may also include new running lights and turn signals. The project is necessary because Stewart and other streets in older areas of the city need improvement projects. These projects make the roads safer and also make the streetscape more beautiful.

City of Las Vegas

The City of Las Vegas received $23.9 million in federal funds through the Rebuilding American Infrastructure with Sustainability and Equity (RAISE) program. The program aims to help urban and rural communities advance projects to upgrade roads and make transportation safer, according to the city’s website.

The construction of the project should start at the end of 2025.


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