North Las Vegas aims to create a medical center for the Las Vegas Valley in southern Nevada


LAS VEGAS, Nev. (FOX5) – North Las Vegas is planning a $5 billion medical center on 135 acres, to address the need for healthcare specialties in the Valley and create a potential market for “medical tourism.”

According to city officials, Pacific Group will oversee development and all financing. The group will be responsible for recruiting medical companies to participate. Construction is expected to start in 2024.

North Las Vegas is Nevada’s third-largest city, and city officials are concerned about the population explosion and lack of medical facilities.

“North Las Vegas being the third largest city in the state by population, and it’s also the largest majority minority city in the state…we don’t have a general service hospital in our residents for any medical care they require, whether it is childbirth or general medical needs, or until recently any emergency needs, they had to travel outside the boundaries of the city,” said Jared Luke, director of government and economic affairs for North Las Vegas Development.

City officials foresee the potential for a women’s hospital or a children’s hospital, or other possible specialties.

Nevada faces significant health care hurdles, as many families often travel to medical centers in surrounding states for advanced care. In a 2020 report by the Patient Protection Commission to lawmakers, Nevada ranks 49 for primary care physicians, per capita, 48 for nurses, and 50 for surgeons and psychiatrists.

Officials hope the area can provide mixed-use development for “medical tourism,” drawing people to the area.

“Medical services, hospital services, medical research and development, restaurants and stores. Our residents have been asking for an area where they can go on a date and have a sit-down restaurant,” Luke said.


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