Nuro opens manufacturing facility in North Las Vegas


The Las Vegas Valley has been a hotbed for autonomous vehicle activities and now North Las Vegas is getting into the action.

Autonomous delivery company Nuro on Tuesday opened its 100,000-square-foot production facility on 10 acres of land in North Las Vegas. The building under construction at the northwest corner of Craig Road and Bruce Street will be an end-of-line manufacturing facility that will have its products tested at the nearby Las Vegas racetrack.

“We are diversifying the Nevada economy. It’s all about gambling, tourism and hospitality, ”said North Las Vegas Mayor John Lee. “North Las Vegas has made this possible for our community. What I love is that these new industries are coming in and all of a sudden the world is looking around and saying, “What’s going on over there? They start to follow this innovation and very soon we get all kinds of affiliates following them and other opportunities to shine in our community.

Nuro is also set to build a 13,000 square foot structure on the highway, where it will test its driverless vehicles on 74 acres of land. The tests will allow Nuro to validate any autonomous vehicles it produces after they have been fitted with sensors and lidar at the manufacturing facility.

Between the manufacturing plant and the test track, Nuro is expected to create 250 jobs in southern Nevada with an average starting wage of $ 27.50 an hour.

Nuro should partner with area schools, including the College of Southern Nevada, to ensure that interested workers have the education required for the new jobs, Lee said.

The Governor’s Office of Economic Development is set to grant Nuro $ 170,519 in 10-year tax breaks as part of the company’s move to North Las Vegas.

“They looked around different states, they looked around different areas of North Las Vegas in the valley and landed at Craig and Bruce because it made more sense to them because it was in a development area that was in the valley. rise, “said Jared Luke, director of economic development for North Las Vegas. “There is a lot of infrastructure in and around there that satisfies the workforce they bring in.

Nuro is expected to achieve $ 1.3 million in capital spending over the next two years and generate $ 5.3 million in tax revenue over the next decade.

Nuro is based in Silicon Valley and has partnered with companies like Domino’s Pizza, FedEx, and Kroger for various stand-alone delivery programs. Both Nuro facilities are expected to be fully operational within the next year.

“We are excited about the arrival of companies like this and Nuro is a big step forward in the new world of technology that we are examining,” said Lee. “We are therefore delighted to support him. “

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