Online businesses offer affordable floral arrangements through recycling


LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — With wedding expenses piling up, many brides are looking for online convenience and serious savings, and they’re finding it with Something Borrowed Blooms, a woman-owned business betting on upcycling.

Lauren Bercier and her cousin started the business in 2015 in Louisiana. Here’s how it works: Once you’ve reserved your flowers, they’ll be shipped to you three days before your event. The day after the wedding, you pack everything up and send it back, and the return label is included.

“It was a totally new concept in this traditional market,” Bercier said. “At the time, we noticed the popularity of ‘renting the track’ with millennial women, and we thought it was such a great concept. Brides are looking for this convenience online, another way to make it a less stressful experience for them.

When Erin Huber started planning her wedding, she cut her floral budget in half through the company because the flowers weren’t real.

“Everyone knows how much I love it,” she said. “My mother-in-law, my mother, they had no idea, everyone was so impressed.”

Erin repeatedly said “yes” to their varied flower arrangements, and finally settled on the Millie collection, an English garden look.

“It was just lovely, I was able to reuse the table pieces along the aisles for the ceremony,” she said.

At first, the company provided flowers for 10 weddings per month. In 2021, it was 900 weddings per month, and this year it is on track to do 2,000 weddings per month.

Bercier’s objective is to capture 10% of the American marriage market.

“I know that sounds aggressive, but I’m saying if you had 10 brides lined up and you said, ‘How many of you want to reuse flowers from Something Borrowed Blooms? I guarantee one of them would say yes,” she said.

The company ships nationwide and across Canada.

Bercier said flower arrangements can be rented out up to 26 times a year. Between each rental, the arrangements go through a full quality check and the rods are changed before the next shipment.


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