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The Golden Knights have followed aggressive moves with even more aggressive moves since joining the NHL in 2017, leaving themselves with an incredibly talented roster that is closely tied to the salary cap.

Vegas built their roster so close to the cap ceiling that they were often forced to play with less than 12 skaters, or even play a defenseman up front. The addition of star center Jack Eichel upon his return from neck surgery will make this situation even more difficult. I’ve already detailed what it will look like, but how does the Golden Knights cap situation look even further?

Projecting an NHL team even a year in advance is nearly impossible, and the aggressive nature of the Golden Knights front office makes it an even tougher task. List turnover has been high in Vegas due to cap constraints, with several players having their remaining contract term processed in each of the past three offseason.

Projecting the Vegas roster three years from now won’t be easy, but it’s still a useful exercise in examining how things might turn out. General manager Kelly McCrimmon has clearly gone all-in to win now, and the club’s goal over the next three years will be to keep that cup window open for as long as possible. Having big money in a small group of talented actors will be a hindrance.

For this exercise, I will use rules similar to those defined by my colleague James Mirtle for a similar room.

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