Raiders’ Derek Carr: ‘I’m not going to be wrong’ Las Vegas QB, says Houston Texans coach


The Houston Texans’ only win of the season so far has come on the road, so in that case a trip to Las Vegas might do them some good.

When we last saw the Las Vegas Raiders, they were on a collision course with their third straight road loss of the year, and have had a week off since then to let those frustrations dissipate or die. escalate.

Regardless of the emotional state of the Texans’ opponent this week, safety coach Joe Danna expects the best.

“Nine-year veteran. He’s seen it all,” Danna said of Raiders quarterback Derek Carr. “You can tell he’s a smart guy. You’re not going to cheat on him. He’s going to force you to play disciplined football.”

The more a team is talented, the more the opponent will have to be disciplined. And Houston faces a talented quarterback, with an even better receiver to use against them.

“He has a lot of problems,” Danna said of Raiders receiver Davante Adams. “They have a lot of good players, not just him. That’s why they’re such a good attack. In every defense you play there are strengths and weaknesses. Everyone has a job to do in every defense On Sunday, from the safety position, we just have to try to execute our job as best we can.”

One of those safeties is young Jalen Pitre, Baylor’s standout rookie.

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Pitre has garnered much praise, including from Raiders coach Josh McDanielsand it looks like he’ll likely be one of the building blocks of any future success in Houston.

“So far so good,” Danna said of Pitre’s progress over the six weeks. “But like all of us, there are positives that we have to build on and there are a lot of things that we have to work on every week as a whole team. We’re not exactly where we want to be and everyone has to do a little better to get the results we want.”

What they want is a victory. Specifically against the Week 7 Raiders.

And then more after that. But first, a tough matchup against a smart quarterback and a problematic receiver in Las Vegas.

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