Shoplifting suspect shoots himself in the head and 2 others after stealing a sweater on the Las Vegas Strip


LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — A shoplifting suspect injured herself and two others in a shooting that shut down a section of Las Vegas Boulevard and Sahara Avenue on Tuesday.

Mercedes Cage of California is charged in the shooting which erupted after an incident at the world’s largest gift shop, according to an arrest report.

The shoplifting incident at the world’s largest gift store ends in a shooting on Las Vegas Boulevard and Sahara on Tuesday, June 14. (KLAS)

A security guard at the gift shop told police that Cage was seen taking a sweater from the display and walking out of the building without paying.

The security guard then confronted her in the parking lot and snatched her sweater.

That’s when she pulled a gun from her belt and started firing nine bullets at two security guards.

One of the security guards was shot in the back and fell to the ground, the other security guard then immediately performed CPR on him.

Cage’s gun then appeared to malfunction and that’s when one of the security guards ran and tackled her to the ground along a crosswalk.

Las Vegas Boulevard and Sahara are closing following a shoplifting at the world’s largest gift shop on Tuesday, June 14. (KLAS)

As the security guard and Cage struggled on the ground at the crosswalk, she ended up shooting herself in the armpit.

A Good Samaritan reported seeing the entire incident unfold in his car and told police he decided to pull over and help the security guard arrest the suspect.

Both security guards were injured in the shooting one of which was taken to UMC and initially listed in critical condition after being shot in the back. The other security guard said he received lacerations on the back of his head during the incident.

After the arrest, Cage told police in an interview that she was charged with shoplifting and searched at the gift shop by a security guard. She later told police she was pepper sprayed by a man outside who accused her of theft. She accused the man of taking “his things” and then said she “responded” by shooting him. Cage then ended the interview with the police and requested an attorney. She now faces several charges which are listed below.

Charges/offences include:

  • attempted murder
  • Assault with a deadly weapon
  • Unload a weapon where others may be in danger
  • Discharging a firearm in an occupied structure
  • Destroy another’s property, $250 – $5,000

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