Singlecomm Unveils New Product Features at Call & Contact Center Expo in Las Vegas


As a VIP sponsor, SingleComm celebrates the magic of customer engagement

LA VEGAS, March 18, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — SingleComm, the most powerful and affordable CCaaS solution available, was in Vegas this week to introduce new features to its industry-leading SinglePane contact center platform. As VIP sponsor of the annual Call & Contact Center Expo, SingleComm shared “The Magic of Customer Engagement” with a keynote presentation by Michael PuccinelliCEO and Founder of SingleComm, and Michael Loebinvestor, serial entrepreneur and CEO of

In addition to demonstrating and showcasing their new product features, SingleComm entertained Expo attendees in its VIP lounge with performances by a nationally renowned magician and one-on-one conversations with Puccinelli. and Loeb.

“It’s refreshing to be talking directly with the leaders of the contact center industry again. We’re all here to work, but clearly everyone is having a great time getting together,” Puccinelli said. “I am confident that the magic of engagement we have felt this week will trickle down to call center representatives who, once equipped with the latest tools from SingleComm, will see their performance increase as well as customer satisfaction. “

At Expo, SingleComm unveiled a number of new features in its cutting-edge technology offerings. Designed to optimize the agent/customer experience, new SingleComm features include the following:

SingleComm App Store – With a comprehensive toolset in one place, the SingleComm App Store provides contact centers and their agents with drag-and-drop solutions with no coding required. These integrations reside in a unified dashboard, are integrated directly into the workflow, and require no IT or developer assistance. The tools available in this new store dramatically accelerate time to market and improve customer engagement, all within SingleComm’s SinglePane.

Enhanced Omnichannel – Native to SingleComm, this enhanced omnichannel solution provides agents with a unified inbox for multiple channels. With only one layer of data required, confusion is limited and reps are equipped to message customers quickly and cleanly. Reporting is also greatly improved, with real-time tracking of cross-channel agent performance.

Manufacturer IVR – Another easy-to-use drag-and-drop interface, SingleComm’s IVR Builder eliminates the need for IT resources and programmers while allowing contact centers to modify workflows on the fly. Security is enhanced and compliance is maintained as IVR Builder protects representatives’ sensitive information (PII, PCI, HIPAA). This IVR tool can be used before, during and after the call, as required by security protocols. Additionally, SingleComm’s unique AI transcription capability goes beyond simple call recording with in-call transcription that speeds up the replay verification process.

Agent friendly user interface – Created just for contact center representatives, the user interface options now offered by SingleComm offer a whole new level of customization. Depending on personal preference, agents can opt for light or dark mode and choose from a palette of color options. The agent experience is also enhanced by the ability to optimize screen real estate as desired. SingleComm’s interfaces work on any device an agent may use at home, on the road, or in the contact center.

In his keynote, Puccinelli emphasized that the best opportunities to create customer engagement occur in the live agent experience: “All the technology we develop – and we develop a lot – is aimed at improving the engagement between agent and customer. SingleComm delivers the right information at the right time so the agent has exactly what they need when they need it. The magic happens when customers are fully satisfied and that never happens. only when agents are fully equipped.

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