Taxation can fight climate change



I read the editorial from November 1, “The bleak outlook for Lake Tahoe is one more reason to fight climate change”. I’m cooking a Thanksgiving dinner to convince Republicans in my family of the seriousness of the climate crisis. However, if my solution is more electric cars and President Joe Biden’s spending plans, I can assure you that I will not have made any progress in the global fight for climate justice.

Federal spending and greener cars will not alleviate concerns over Lake Mead’s water scarcity. The biggest problem is the development of the desert and the inability to properly tax water. Electric cars are an expensive status symbol, their best function being the signaling of virtue.

Taxation is a topic that can bring Republicans to the Thanksgiving table. The laws of supply and demand state that if the price of a good increases, its demand will decrease. A simple internet search will show that Nevada has one of the cheapest waters in the country, but we know it is also the driest state in the country.

An increase in the water tax may drive out some industries, but if an industry depends on cheap water, that industry shouldn’t exist in the wilderness anyway. Water is a human right, but the failure of policies to protect it will ensure equal access when there is no more accessible water.



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