The smell of rank hits Las Vegas


LAS VEGAS, NM (KRQE) – Amid the 4th of July celebration in Las Vegas, the city has a foul smell seeping into downtown. “It started about two Fridays ago,” RaeDawn Price said.

Las Vegas residents complain of a smell caused by a sewer leak. “It goes down the south end of Moreno, which is at the back of Bridge Street,” Price said.

Now they say it’s headed for the Gallinas River. “It’s a decline, so it was going towards the river and it was building up outside on the bottom,” Price said.

As the town tries to recover from the wildfire and prepare for possible flooding, it now faces another blow – this leak is wreaking havoc on an already battered town. “He was fleeing towards the buildings, luckily he didn’t infiltrate any of the buildings on Bridge Street, but he was getting close enough,” Price said.

Drinking water is not affected because this water comes from higher up, but residents say this cannot be ignored. “These issues need to be a priority,” Price said.

In a town that needs a tourism boost, Price fears the smell will deter visitors. “Our roads are torn up or our most wanted area of ​​town is blocked off and barricaded and smelling foul,” Price said.

On top of that, she says the city is not communicating. “There were no service announcements regarding the leak,” Price said.

While she hopes the city will start taking these issues seriously, for now she is concerned that people are driving through town unaware of the leak and the risk of e.coli to the community. .

“It only takes a little while to get in, a wrong turn or a new person joins in and doesn’t realize what’s going on and goes through it and before they know it they’re just covered in this sewage raw,” Price said.

She understands that problems arise, especially in older areas like this. “Some things are hard to ignore, no matter how beautiful the area is, how beautiful the buildings are, or how beautiful the place is,” Price said.

She says to take care of it as soon as possible. “People just won’t want to come there if they have to go through all these road closures and then, of course, the sewage coming down,” Price said.

The city confirmed there was a sewage leak, but made no comment beyond that. Price says she recently saw city workers trying to pump out sewage.


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