This proposal imagines a massive moon landing in Las Vegas


If you think it’s too late to fulfill your childhood dream of traveling to the Moon, there may be an incredible alternative for you. The new aptly named Moon The Las Vegas casino could offer a spectacular experience for the explorer of space within you. Proposed by the entrepreneurs of Moon World Resorts, the casino would cost around $ 5 billion to build. Despite the high price tag, co-founder Michael Henderson believes that the interest in an artificial lunar experiment is not to be overlooked.

“Space flights cost $ 200,000 to $ 250,000, so the masses just can’t participate,” Henderson told the New York Post. “With Moon, for $ 500, they can walk an authentic lunar surface and explore a lunar colony in spectacular fashion.”

At 735 feet tall, Moon would be on par with another resort, the JW Marriot, for the second tallest building in Las Vegas, both beaten by the Strat Observation Tower. With such a large sphere, there is plenty of room for developers to include unusual features. Moon would include 4,000 hotel rooms, a casino, lagoon, spa, theaters, event space and lunar-themed restaurants, including a crater cafe.

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For those who aren’t happy with just staying in a giant moon, the resort will also offer a lunar shuttle to a “moon colony.” The Lunar Colony is offered near the top of the sphere where guests would enter a roller coaster-style lunar shuttle that spins and circles around areas of the sphere until they arrive at an artificial lunar surface. The experience at the end of the lunar shuttle will include a 90-minute exploration of the surface of the 10-acre crater.

If you are ready to book a trip, you may have to wait a little longer. There is currently no concrete plan to build Moon in Las Vegas or other imagined sites like Dubai. Yet, as Moon World Resorts says on its website, “12 people have been there, 7 billion want to visit.” With such a large market, there might be a place for Moon one day.

This proposal for a new Las Vegas casino is shaped like a moon and is 735 feet high.

Conceptual sketch of Conceptual sketch of Conceptual sketch of

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