Trash, vandalism wreaking havoc in Las Vegas Valley parks


LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — From trash to lack of maintenance and vandalism, some residents are concerned and have reached out to 8 News Now about the upkeep of Valley parks.

At Jaycee Park near the East and Sahara, we saw just a sample of the problems in the parks around the valley.

What we found might surprise you: trash, broken glass, damaged playgrounds, graffiti and dirty tables.

Elena Ledoux is the mother of a 9 year old child. She frequents many parks in the valley. She notices more problems recently. The parks aren’t as clean as they used to be.

Ledoux says it doesn’t matter which part of town or who runs each park. Lots of graffiti and debris.

Shelby McCulley, mom of a 10-year-old, said she agreed.

“No matter what park you go to, you’re going to find wanderers. You will find trash. And they need to be more mindful, especially for our kids,” McCulley said. She has lived in Las Vegas for over five years.

Both mothers say they would like to see all playgrounds inspected and disinfected once a week.

If you find a problem in a park, report it.

Some parks have posted numbers. If you cannot find the number, contact your county town. They can also tell you if it is an HOA-operated park.

We contacted some of the people who maintain the parks in the valley. Here’s what they had to say:

All Clark County parks are cleaned daily. This includes trash pick-up, graffiti removal and toilet cleaning.

Additionally, every park in the county has at least one sign that includes a non-emergency phone number and email address that park guests can use to let us know of any issues or concerns at the park.

Park customers can also submit concerns or requests to

Dan Kulin, Clark County

The city always welcomes feedback from residents, and residents can report park maintenance issues through the city’s website at the Report a Problem link: calling 702-229-PLAY or reaching out through the city’s social media.

Additionally, the city has numerous park and neighborhood cleanups with city staff working with community partners and neighbors to clean up. We also have the “pack in pack out” program at Floyd Lamb Park in Tule Springs where we encourage visitors to remove any trash they bring with them into the park. We’re even trying out the new craze of “plogging” – jogging and picking up trash at the same time. We have an upcoming event that I have joined.

Jace Radke, City of Las Vegas

The City of Henderson takes great pride in its award-winning park system. Our Parks and Recreation Department works diligently to maintain the city’s 68 parks. If residents see vandalism or unsanitary conditions, they can easily submit their concerns online at If residents witness active vandalism, we encourage them to contact police through the non-emergency line at 3-1-1.

The City of Henderson appreciates the vigilance of our community as we work together to make our parks a safe and fun place for everyone.

Madeleine Skains, Town of Henderson

“The City of North Las Vegas is investing in its parks and the results are showing. Outside magazine named North Las Vegas one of its 2021′20 most livable cities in America,’ ranking in the top 10 thanks in large part to our parks and trails system. In 2021 alone, the The city has opened a brand new Hartke Park in downtown North Las Vegas, which was relocated to accommodate construction of a new school, and spent more than $2 million upgrading the Cheyenne Sports Complex, Sandstone Park and Seastrand Park, with more than $3 million more upgrades coming to Cheyenne this year. Other projects are also underway and the City plans to provide various upgrades to all of our 33 parks over the next few years.

With respect to any concerns, park users can report by downloading the “Contact North Las Vegas” app on their preferred mobile device, or by visiting the city’s website and selecting “Report a Concern” from the Quick Links section at the top of the page.

Patrick Walker, town north of Las Vegas


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