Various communities transform Las Vegas



LAS VEGAS (KTNV) – Las Vegas will soon be a majority minority city.

Various communities are rapidly transforming the Silver State.

Brian Gordon is a director at Applied Analysis, bringing together research and data for market analysis, financial advisory services, business consulting, hospitality consulting and business modeling.

Gordon says the population growth here in Nevada is booming.

“Las Vegas has diversified since its inception. The state of Nevada ranks third in terms of overall racial diversity, behind Hawaii and California,” Gordon said.


Gordon says those who migrate from surrounding states like California are contributing to the strong population growth here in the Valley.

“The demographics have continued to change in the Las Vegas area, we have seen the white population decline as a proportion of the overall population, and we have seen that the Hispanic and Latino community continue to grow as well as African Americans,” Gordon said.

Another group, adding to the growing population, is the AAPI community.

Sunny Vinuya, president and CEO of the Asian Las Vegas Chamber of Commerce, said the driving force behind this push is opportunity.

“AAPI has about 350,000 people in Clark County alone, that’s a huge number. There are also thousands of Asian businesses here and they’re thriving,” Vinuya said.

Vinuya said that over the past four years, “the AAPI community has become a savior in the healthcare industry”.


“20% of our healthcare workers in Nevada are AAPI and 400 Clark County School District teachers have been recruited from the Philippines in the past four years,” Vinuya said.

Gordon says the valley has seen a boom in new residents during the pandemic.

“In the first nine months of this year, we’ve seen over 40% migrate from California,” Gordon said.

And as the valley becomes culturally diverse, families are settling throughout the city.

Gordon says many new residents call the Summerlin area or the Valley Vista area their home.

“And that’s because these areas have a lot of urban and new development,” Gordon said.

UNLV Vice President of Student Affairs and Acting Diversity Officer Dr Juanita P. Fain said UNLV is recognized for its diverse population.


“US News and World Report ranked UNLV among the top ten most diverse universities in the country and last year we are tied for first place,” Fain said.

As the valley develops as a multicultural society and seeks an inclusive culture, says Dr Fain, it is important to understand that diversity in 2021 is more than just skin color.

“There’s a difference between being diverse and inclusive — and it’s a lot different just having a group of people who look diverse. It’s about making people feel welcome. and as if they belonged to this city, ”Fain said.

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