Zodiac-inspired travel is a thing – here’s how to get in on the trend


Whether you lean into horoscopes from time to time or base all of your life decisions on your sun, moon, and rising, there’s something to be said for looking to the stars for an experience of memorable zodiac trip. And while astrology-themed programming isn’t entirely ubiquitous in the tourism industry, for the discerning traveler there are plenty of well-curated options scattered across the globe waiting to be discovered.

If you’re looking for meaningful one-on-one sessions to deepen your understanding of your star sign (and yourself!), keep an eye out for packages such as tarot card interpretations or birth chart readings; these will often ask for information such as your birth time and place of birth, so have that handy. Or, if you’re looking for something that appeals to the senses, destinations and hotels are increasingly amplifying their food and drink menus to suit zodiac inclinations. Beyond that, there remains a hodgepodge of travel ideas ranging from hotels and bars entirely themed around astrology to public art that will tick the cultural box on your travel itinerary.

Ahead, discover the essential zodiac travel experiences for 2022 to inspire your next mystical adventure. When in doubt, look at the stars, right?

Dinner Series Under the Stars

Rosewood Baha Mar

To celebrate the vernal equinox, Rosewood Baha Mar in the Bahamas is launching a dinner series called A starry night (March 23 to 25). The astrologically-inspired menu will not only encompass all 12 astrological signs, but will also be curated by elemental personalities – fire, earth, air and water – through local Bahamian ingredients. Guests will gather by the sea on the sands of Cable Beach as the sun sets to enjoy cocktails and canapes before sitting down to the four-course tasting menu paired with wines. The resort has partnered with renowned astrologer and columnist Shelley von Strunckel who collaborated with Executive Chef Siddharth Krishna to create a unique culinary journey. The menu offers Shelley’s insights into each star sign and was created by artist George Erdei (whose designs have featured in recent Gucci collaborations). British luxury homeware brand Maison Margaux designed the tablescape, including bespoke zodiac tableware that cements the magical vibe.

Birth chart and tarot card readings

Canyon Ranch

You’re going to hear the term “wellness journey” a lot this year, and the zodiac can blend into that pattern in a number of ways, namely through individual experiences. Iconic Massachusetts wellness resort Canyon Ranch offers a metaphysical category on its spa menu with offerings like tarot card and birth chart readings with an astrologer. If you find yourself in California’s Ventana Big Sur, visitors can sign up for astrology readings that aim to bring “clarity to areas of conflict, focus on one’s strengths, and provide tools to deal with life in new and creative ways”. And in Maui, at the Grand Wailea, the resort’s expert astrologers use the method of evolutionary astrology to do personalized readings for guests that aim to enhance understanding of past, present, and future trajectories.

Zodiac monuments and public art

Jaffa Bridge of Wishes

Incorporating the zodiac into your travels isn’t just about spa treatments and personalized readings, it can also incorporate art and culture. For example, in Old Jaffa, Israel, there is the Jaffa Bridge of Wishes and the Zodiac Fountain, which connects Peak Park to K’dumim Square. This wooden bridge is an iconic attraction as the 12 zodiacs are carved into bronze plates along the rails. It is customary for visitors to make a wish on their individual zodiac while overlooking the Mediterranean Sea and once they have crossed, the fountain with its limestone carvings of the 12 zodiac signs awaits them. Another standout piece of art to try and see this year is Ai Weiwei’s Zodiac Heads, which debuted in 2012 and will travel to the Albertina Museum in Vienna from March 13 to June 26. The internationally renowned Chinese artist has reinterpreted the 12 bronze animal heads. which represent the Chinese zodiac – they once adorned the fountain clock of the Yuanming Yuan, which is an imperial retreat in Beijing.

Astrological cocktails

One aspect of astrology that appeals to many of us is the significance of the individual’s journey. And while it can go down a more serious route of life events and choices, it can also be something a little lighter and fun, like a personalized cocktail party! At the Observatory bar in Sydney, Australia, the beverage team curated a collection of Zodiac gins with cocktails for each of the 12 star signs. At Grand Velas Riviera Maya in Mexico, guests can order from a choice of 13 cocktails crafted from ancestral ingredients based on the traits of Mayan astrological signs (the Mayan lunar calendar is divided into 13 moons). You can also discover a cocktail menu based on the 12 astrological signs at the Ritz Bar in Paris, The Venetian in Las Vegas, and if you find yourself in Shanghai, be sure to visit Zodiac, a new cocktail bar focused on the ‘astrology. which delivers a horoscope written by Shanghai astrologer Alex Wang alongside one of 12 zodiac-themed cocktails.

Astrology-themed hotel stays and itineraries

Kicking the zodiac travel category up a notch, The Ultimo in Sydney is a hotel that’s all about astrology (in fact, they call themselves “the world’s first astrology hotel”). Guests receive recommendations from the city guide based on their star signs as well as ideas for the best places to eat, drink, see and do. The on-property packages are packed with experiences like a natal chart interpretation package, a Solar Writer package (an astrology profile in the form of a 14-16 page report), and a Get to Know Yourself package that is a 45-minute consultation discussing the main traits of your birth chart as well as “a brief overview of your mission in life, your personality and your talents”. The hotel’s astrologer is Pia Lehmann, who won the FAA Gold Medal for Excellence and received the Alan Johnson Award.

In Japan, at the Park Hotel Tokyo, painter Ryosuke Yasumoto participated in an artist-in-residence program for the property, which commissions artists to decorate a guest bedroom. He chose to create a space focused on the 12 signs of the zodiac during a stay at the hotel for 11 days from March 24 to April 3, 2014. Visitors can book the room and revel in the tiger painted on the wall of the background or hidden money. behind the curtain.

Zodiac excursions and experiences

Six Senses Bhutan

Although tourism in Bhutan is currently suspended due to COVID-19, one bucket list experience that deserves to be on your radar is a life-changing visit to a monastic school made possible with a stay at Six Senses Bhutan . During your adventure, you can visit Pangri Zampa Lhakhang, a 16th-century monastic school that offers astrology readings and divination sessions led by a Buddhist monk.


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