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Why Baker to Vegas?

Hi, my name is Michael Baker and I am a professional traveler / blogger. I have decided to use this site to tell my story about my current journey. I am going to travel through the USA and spend the next 4 months on the road with only myself as a travel companion. Hopefully I’m going to meet a lot of friendly and nice people on the way.

Scientist have made a construction of what they believe to be the best route through America and as the image below points out, it’s a long way on the road. I, however has chosen my own route. I want to go from East USA (New York City) to West USA (Los Angeles) and of course, I will end up in Las Vegas, where I will spend my last month with family.

Here is how the perfect travel route looks like:

Why I am travelling

There are several reason to why I have decided to make my way through the USA. First of all, I got tired of my day job, sittin’ at a warm office all day making money for someone else than myself.

Second, me and my girlfriend broke up a few months ago and ever since that happened, I have felt like I needed something big in my life, to set things straight again.

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